Eldon Thorndike – Odd Loops in the Sky


Eldon Thorndike


1. Odd Loops I

2. Odd Loops II

3. Odd Loops III

4. Odd Loops IV

5. Odd Loops V

6. Odd Loops VI

7. Odd Loops VII

8. Odd Loops VIII

9. Odd Loops IX

10. Odd Loops X

11. Odd Loops XI

12. Odd Loops XII

13. Odd Loops XIII

14. Odd Loops XIV

15. Odd Loops XV


Odd Loops in the Sky



Digital file and PDF

Release Date

6 August 2021


Digital file and PDF

The first collection of music by the reclusive outsider artist Eldon Thorndike. Recorded in 2003 and originally released on CD-R in 2004 by Death Metal Zoo Collectibles.

Digital download comes with PDF of notecard art by Thorndike.

Earl Heath Collection (EHC001).


Eldon Thorndike: synthesizer, microphone, gate pedal, Barbie karaoke machines, cover art.